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Electrical Power System Design
We provide the most responsive and functional Electrical Power System Designs for companies and businesses in northeast Indiana.
Electrical Lighting System Design
We are here to help consult and design the electrical system for your commercial lighting setup to ensure reliability and efficient performance.
Electrical Technology System Design
Expertise, experience and capability to design flexible, convertible, and adaptable technology infrastructure within your building.
How we design

How we help design
your electrical needs

04 Design

01. A Proven Design Approach
ROWE ENGINEERING design uses a proven design approach combined with innovative, and cutting-edge technologies...
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02. Each part of the Electrical Systems
ROWE ENGINEERING design takes into account each part of the electrical systems within a faclity...
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03. Optimal Electrical Efficiency
ROWE ENGINEERING Design results in optimal electrical efficiency, building quality, building performance and economy.
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04. Design Goals
We create a set of design goals for each project, and then integrate the goals into the design of the electrical solution.
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ROWE ENGINEERING - Electrical Consulting Services

Electrical Projects

Proud projects that make us stand out

With electrical system design modeling and simulation

- Arc Flash Analysis - IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E
- Device Coordination
- Electrical System Dynamic Models
- Generator Systems
- UPS Systems
- Ground Grid Systems
- Harmonic Analysis
- Load Flow Analysis
- Motor Starting and Acceleration Analysis.

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